always reblog selena <3 love her

ive love selena since i was a child and i was only 4 when she was killed .
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im over Jackie & Laura. -__- Jackie for real girl, you are TOO damn old to beginning for people’s friendships. Clearly if Laura doesn’t want to be your friend move on - right now ur working on a friendship with Malaysia and Bambi. You got a family, work on them. Find Jesus just stop beging for…

Preach boo preach 

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the story is changing and so is the characters so get ready for the best fanfic ever

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Chapter List

Prologue http://lovewillfindawayfanfic.tumblr.com/post/28138521876/prologue

Chapter 1 

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" Morning baby" as I wrapped my arms around lashae I leaned over and kissed her cheek me and her have been secretly going out for a year and its great she is the girl that I truly want to be with but there is just one problem I’m married to someone else I mean don’t get me wrong I love dereon with all my heart she’s my first love and the mother of my kids I just feel like we loosing each other. Okay she not loosing me I’m mostly falling out of love with her and the only reason I’m still married to her is for the sake of the kids and I don’t want to her because I still care about her . But what’s a man to do I’m stuck I know what I want but something is holding me back I guess I’m gonna have to choose sooner or later but as of right now I wanna have my cake and eat it too . " Morning baby " as lashae turned around she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me the sweetest kiss only a man could love . I was already dressed to leave because  I had to take the kids to school and I knew lashae wasn’t having it . " Your going to see her again aren’t you " " don’t start this shit  again shae she is my wife and I just have to take the kids to school and I should be back with in an hour . " " Yeah whatever there’s the door bye " as she released herself from she turned around to facing the other side of the room and shae  wouldn’t even look at me . Sometimes I don’t even know why I bother with this girl but I’m falling in love with her or is it just my dick talking . As I started walking out her room I felt my phone vibrating as I signed I took my phone out of my pocket I knew exactly who it was and I was right as I tapped her picture I placed the phone to my ear and said " what up?" " Babe where are you know the kids have to be at school in a half an hour " " chill damn dereon I’m on my way I got sidetrack. " " Ill call you when I’m out side " " fine I love you " " bye dereon " . As I hung up the phone I knew she was hurt cause I didn’t say those words back to her but it didn’t feel right . As I got in my truck I turned the key in the ignition and sped out of lashae’s driveway and headed home .

-10 minutes later -
As I pulled up to the house I got out and quickly ran in to get the kids and run back out I wasn’t trying to be with her all day and sit around and lolligag I never was that type of person with her I was always about my business and my bread . As I walked up to the house I placed the key into the hole and opened the door I still remember when me and dereon brought this place she was 2 months pregnant with my little man and I was madly in love with her back then now as I look at it I’m not even home as much as I  use to  after unlocking the door I closed it behind me and headed into the rooms as I called out the kids names I didn’t get a response normally they are meeting me at the door with open arms and it just wasn’t right as I quickly ran up the stairs I called out d’s name  to make sure she was okay I couldn’t dare risk something happening to her . When she answered she said she was in our bedroom . As I turned to which  our room was facing the door was close I got this funny feeling she was up to something but I didn’t know what . When I got to the door I took a deep breathe and opened it what I saw had my mouth watery but I had to pull it together cause I had business to handle . All I could say was ” what are you doing and were are the kids ” as she had on this sexy lingurie she walked over to me and said ” I took them to school early so me and you could have some alone time . “


I’ve been planning this ever since the other night our anniversary was today and I wanted to spend it all with him and show him the gift I brought him which was going to top off all of the gifts he’s ever brought me . I have been in love with this man ever since I was 16 years old he  was my first love and the father of my little ones but in the back of my mind I kept thinking that he didn’t feel the same way that I felt I mean no matter how hard I tried to be the good and faithful wife that I am I feel like its never good enough with him and it erks my nerves . As I wrapped my arms around his neck I leaned in and kissed him but he blocked it as he gave me this hatred look he then said ” so why you had me come home if you took them to school ” ” because we haven’t spent time together and I’ve missed you so much and today is a special day for us ” ” what day is that dereon ” as i tried to take off his shirt he released my arms from his neck and fixed his shirt and I said ” I thought you would remember but I guess wrong ” he then said ” look I gotta go back to work is there anything you need or you good ” as I placed my robe on I folded my arms and said ” no I’m fine you can go back to work since that’s all you care about ” I then said in a low voice hoping he didn’t hear me ” and your hoebag ” he turned around and said ” what was that last part” I then looked up and said ” I said have a good day ” ” that’s what I thought ill see you later ” as he walked out our room I walked over  to the door and slammed it shut . I was so pissed off with him I can’t believe he didn’t remember our 5 year anniversary . As I walked to my iphone I sent a text to lilli and lianna that said “911”.
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